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                                            Inspection and maintenance of machinery and equipment quartz stone

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                                            Knowledge of quartz stone machinery and equipment that we understand how much it wanted to better their use, is the need to be checked and maintained, the following introduce inspection quartz stone machinery and equipment and maintenance of knowledge:

                                                Quartz stone machinery and equipment in the field of artificial quartz stone has always had an irreplaceable role, mixer quartz stone, quartz stone trimming machines, etc., but the use of quartz stone machinery used to pay attention to maintenance and repair in order to make better quartz stone machinery and equipment play a role, extending equipment life.

                                                We must be in strict accordance with the requirements of grease lubrication oil change. Regularly check whether there is loosening fasteners, ensure tight. When replacing the diamond saw, saw blades should be checked face runout, the new blade shall not exceed 0.8mm, re-welding the blade should not exceed 1.5mm. Check the belt tension is moderate, with or without skidding, is aging. If it should be adjusted or replaced.

                                                Check centralized lubricating road is smooth. Always check the control cabinet all electrical components, wiring screws if they are loose, action is sensitive. Cutting blocks stable center of gravity is correct, the bottom of the blocks must be left 10-40mm. Check headstock leaks water, if there should immediately identify the cause and take measures, and re-oil change. Check whether the electrical safety ground.

                                                After the inspection and maintenance of knowledge for understanding the machinery of quartz, I believe will bring greater help for more knowledge to introduce to this was.

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