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                                            Repair of hydraulic presses vibration technique

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                                            In order to adapt production features hydraulic vibration presses a single device to improve the quality of the equipment repairs and downtime repair time, you can use the following three quick fix method depending on the circumstances:

                                            1. hydraulic vibration press component repair method. The entire assembly will need to be removed to repair, replace pre-assembled ready for a member, and then sent down for parts to repair machine repair workshop to prepare for the next reuse. This approach can save part due to the demolition of the assembly time and shorten the repair downtime. Especially when change once the new parts and the original parts with improper size, or the original parts difficult to remove when it will repair down time due to affect production. This case is more suited to this method, such as repairs or repairs vacuum extruder mixer agitator shaft and so on.

                                            2. SEGMENT repair method. Features of this method is that the various parts of the device are not in the same time to repair, but in accordance with the individual portions of the entire apparatus, respectively, in order to repair, a time to repair part. In this way each repair downtime is short, it will not affect production. The hydraulic vibration presses overhaul, can replace the auger, repair shaft, gear three were divided into three parts, each repair downtime is short, you can improve equipment utilization extruder.

                                            3. synchronous repair method. This refers to the number of devices the process closely interrelated, arrange for repairs at the same time, achieve repair synchronized to reduce dispersion repair downtime.

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